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Fred’s advocates visit Ottawa-West politicians on Sept 17th

September 17, 2008

Sept 17th, Sue Clark-Wittenberg and her husband Steven Wittenberg visit Jim Waton who is:

Liberal MPP for Ottawa West – Nepean, and Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing.

Sue and Steven visited the office of Jim Watson at 2249 Carling Ave on Wednesday, September 17th and spoke to Mark in his office. Mark knew about Fred Timms case from the media reports which were several in the past few weeks. Mark said he would call Ottawa City Hall to seek housing for Fred. Let’s see what happens. Jim Watson’s office phone number 613-721-8075. Please call Mark and say Fred has no food and will be on the street this Friday night, September 19th.


Sue and Steven visit John Baird, Member of Parliament for Ottawa West Nepean, 2249 Carling Ave.

Sue and Steven went into John’s Baird’s office and told Pam one of the employees in Baird’s office the Fred Timms case. Pam said she would inform John Baird. Please call John Baird at 613-990-7720. Ask Baird’s office what are they doing for Fred Timms.


Sue calls Dalton’s McGuinty’s offices

Sue called the South Ottawa of the Premier only to be told by Lauren in his office that the Ottawa-South office only helps McGuinty’s constituents in Ottawa-South only. Sue had to call McGuinty’s office in Toronto only to be told to call Emergency housing for Fred in Ottawa. The red tapes is getting longer and longer as we go.


Sue will call Alex Cullen’s office, Ottawa City councillor for Ottawa West tomorrow on Thursday, September 19th.


Does anyone really care about a blind man who is homeless? let’s wait and see what type of response we get from all these politicians. Some one has got to have heart and help Fred. His quality of life depends on having a roof over his head and some food in his stomach and peace of mind. Being homeless for almost 7 months have taken a toll on Fred Timms. Fred has kept his dignity and self respect in tact. Fred will fight as long as it takes to get an apartment again. There is still lots of fight in Fred yet. Don’t under estimate this man. He won’t stop fighing until he gets housed. Fred has an incredible spirit and tenacity. A good man who sees through all the red tape. Fred is very intelligent and articulate. He knows what he wants and what he needs and communicate those issues very well.