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Fred meets CEO of Ottawa Housing – Jo-Anne Poirier

August 23, 2008
A picture of Jo-Anne Poirier, CEO of Ottawa Community Housing (OCH)

A picture of Jo-Anne Poirier, CEO of Ottawa Community Housing (OCH)

See the Ottawa Community Housing website:

Fred first met with Michael Wilson the West End Manager for OCH. Fred met Michael on June 23 at 1485 Caldwell Ave. Sue Clark-Wittenberg was in attendance as his advocate.

Fred gave his story as to how he was evicted. Michael talked about the safety of the people at Ramsey Crescent as Fred had to much stuff. Michael told Fred he would have to wait for 2 years to apply for housing at OCH. Then Michael asked Fred if he were looking into other types of housing. Sue Clark- Wittenberg jumped in and said “that is an inappropriate questions as he was evicted from OCH and wants to get back in”.

Michael Wilson abruptly ended the meeting. Fred felt that OCH could have kept their agreement and let him move into Regina Towers as was planned.

Jo-Anne Poirier has her first meeting with Fred and his advocates on June 17th at the OCH head office. Fred explains his story again. Michael Wislson and a lawyer for OCH was in attendance along with Jane Scharf, Sue Clark-Wittenberg and Fred’s friend Ron.

Jo-Anne Poirier listened to everyone. Then after one hour she ended the meeting and said she would look into the situation. Michael Wilson called Fred a week later nad told him to apply to Options Bytown in downtown Ottawa. Fred went down to apply for Options Bytown and did not hear from them for about 2 weeks. Jane Scharf and Fred went down to Options Bytown. Fred had intially answered a lengthy and intrusive questionnare by a staff member the first time he went to Options Bytown. Nothing was done yet to accommodate Fred at Options Bytown.

Fred had contact with the Canadian National Institute for the Blind (CNIB) who said they would help him but he had not heard from anyone yet.

Fred contacted Salus Corporation and was told the waiting list was years long for any opening.

Jo-Anne Poirier has set up another appointment at her office with Fred and his advocates for Monday, August 25th at 1 p.m. Let’s see what the CEO will do this time. I will let you all know what happens.

The bottom line is that Fred will be out on the street soon, and he needs to get placed into housing now.

His health and safety are at risk if he lives on the street, he is blind. Housing is a right!