Bio on Fred Timms

Fred Timms is 56 years old. Fred lived in Ottawa Housing for 16 years at Ramsey Crescent until he was kicked to the curb by Ottawa Community Housing in March of this year for having too much stuff.

Fred is intelligent and articulate. Fred has glaucoma and eventually lost all of his sight.

Fred is fighting to get back into Ottawa Community Housing. Fred has lots of fight in him yet.

Don’t under estimate this man. He knows his rights and he will not give up on getting his Ottawa Community housing back.

He knows what he needs and wants and he lets everyone know who is willing to listen.

Fred has maintained his self respect and dignity while he has been homeless for over 61/2 months.

Fred Timms is one name very few people will ever forget about in Ottawa.

He is cordial, friendly, respectful and a loyal friend. A real nice man who is experiencing homelessness. Homelessness is a national disgrace.


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