August 27th -Fred will meet with Andrew Kendall of the Housing Impact Team on August 27th. Andrew will assess Fred’s needs for housing. Will keep you posted on what happens. Let’s hope that Fred gets housed as soon as possible.

Andrew Kendall spoke to Jo-Anne Poirier and she asked Andrew to send her a letter re the meeting between Fred and Andrew. Laurene Wagner informed Sue Clark-Wittenberg of this info. Laurene will keep Fred and Sue updated. Sue informed Laurene she will give OCH time to process all of this, but if it lags on too long without positive results in getting Fred his housing, the Fred Team will protest again at OCH until Fred is housed. Sue told Laurene that OCH broke the mediated agreement with Fred re his move to Regina and getting rid of his stuff by March 15th. Fred has been homeless for six months because of OCH.

September 3 – Fred and Sue Clark-Wittenberg will meet with Andrew Kendall. Will keep you posted as to what goes on at this meeting. Let’s hope that Fred gets housed soon! Fred and I met with Andrew. He is going to contact Jo-Anne Poirier CEO of Ottawa Housing.

September 5 – Fred bumped into Jo-Anne Poirier and she was going to meet with Andrew Kendall next week.

September 8th – I got an email from Jo-Anne Poirier which reads:

to sue clark <>
date Mon, Sep 8, 2008 at 7:25 AM
subject Re: Hello Jo-Anne
hide details 7:25 AM (4 hours ago)
Hello Sue, hope you had a nice weekend. When I ran into Fred, I advised him that we were meeting with Andrew Kendall this week to pursue options for support. We will keep you in the loop. Regards,

Jo-Anne Poirier
Chief Executive Officer
Chef de la direction
Phone: (613)-520-2271
Fax: (613)-731-6486

September 9, Tuesday – Andrew Kendall is supposed to meet with Jo-Anne Poirier.
September 11, Thuurday – Jo-Anne Poirier will call Sue at 1 p.m. Does she know about the sit-in, if she doesn’t – well Sue will let her know.
September 11, Thursday – Fred spoke to Andrew Kendall, Andrew will meet with Fred on Tuesday, September 16th.
September 11th, Thursday – Jo-Anne Poirier returns Sue’s call. Jo-Anne says that the media stories about her and the press release Sue does make Joanne feel like “Sue – it like you’re kicking me in the teeth” My husband overheard the phone call as I had it on speaker on. Jo-Anne says she is working with other community groups to try to help Fred. Jo-Anne told Sue she had contact with Canadian Mental Health Association that has the Housing Impact Team, Andrew Kenall is his worker there.
When I asked her if Ottawa Housing would reinstate him either to 1065 Ramsey or Regina Towers, she did not give me a definite answer. She said Andrew Kendall was very surprised in the press release that he suggested Regina Towers to Jo-Anne. I was at a meeting with Andrew and Fred and Fred insisted on being housed either places which are: 1065 Ramsey or at Regina Towers as was originally going to be his move. Fred agreed with what I said on the press release.
Jo-Anne then called Jane Scharf, Fred’s other advocate and she told Jo-Anne that she had plenty of time to look into Fred’s case and do something about it. Jane also told Jo-Anne that Fred is in a housing crisis.
Sue determines that Jo-Anne is passing the buck on trying to help Fred.
Sue says “Jo-Anne, pick up your socks and treat Fred fairly and give him back his housing now – reinstate him either at 1065 Ramsey Crescent or at Regina Towers now!
September 15th, Monday – Sit-in at Joanne Poirier’s office at 39 Auriga Drive in Ottawa from 10:30 a.m to 2:30 p.m. Let’s see what happens. This should be a very interesting day to say the least.
September 16th – Tuesday, Fred meets with Andrew Kendall at 10 a.m.
Let’s see what happens, will keep you posted!

Will keep you posted on any other further developments on Fred Timms case.

Enough is enough Ottawa Housing.


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